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I am Simon, Simplement. Simon.

I am a passionate family man (Superman as per my son), an excellent cook (I think!) and I love everything related to technology and the web (Geek!). I am constantly looking for the latest technologies to stay up to date with digital media trends. In addition to my passion for technology, I also take great pleasure in sharing my love of cooking and gastronomy with my loved ones and especially in taking care of my little guy.

Over the past two decades, I have crafted over 75 unique websites and have been hosting domains since 2014. My goal is to understand each customer’s individual needs and provide them with a tailored and personalized service. I take pride in delivering quality customer service, so you can be confident that your experience with me will be highly personalized and enjoyable.
Cyberpunk scene with a dad and his son showing love for a dad to his son
Daddy Head Chef Human
Daddy Head Chef Human

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